Blooming now

Usually the end of Summer / early Autumn is not kind to gardens – spring bulbs have long lost their blooms, summer roses are faded and tired and autumn colours are yet to show.  The hydrangeas bring a few spots of colour but everything is a bit spent and ready for a sleep through winter.  Except for these guys.


Pushing through the grass, Autumn Crocus herald the change of season in a most colourful way.  They have been popping up all over the place – in the lawn, in pots, under the trees, in the middle of paths.  They are the first of the hidden gems that we have seen – plants lying dormant under the soil, ready to burst forth when the conditions are just right.  I can’t wait to see the garden in all seasons – who knows what else we will find!


  1. They are like unexpected guests – expect us also one day! But for the time being having too much fun in Paris

    • Whoops – the Paris link should have been this


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