Gay and Kees Klok were the ones who had the vision to create a beautiful cool climate garden from a declining apple orchard and Gay has written extensively about the evolution of Kibbenjelok.  Her writings are scattered over the web like hidden treasures waiting to be revealed.  I (and my mother and brother) have spent long hours picking our way through broken links, missing pages and 404 errors to try and find as much as we can on the history of Kibbenjelok.  Here I have collated the story of the making of Kibbenjelok, as told by Gay Klok.

Chapter Seven – Cockatoo

This post was written by Gay Klok sometime over 2007-2009 and chronicles the making of Kibbenjelok. You can find the original post here Cockatoo. I am working my way through and preserving as much of Gay’s writings on Kibbenjelok as I can find, in case the site disappears one day.  I am also compiling all of these on the History page for easy future reference. The Building of the Big Pond The time had come for serious discussions about the building of the water garden. The vista from the gardens around the house is very pretty, a gentle view that looks across the channel of the River Derwent to South Bruny Island. Between us and the Channel there is an area of an old orchard and cleared paddocks and I dearly wanted to have a sheet of water in front of the house. I believed that it would be effective in drawing the water view closer to the garden. It was bad luck that the slope of the land made this a very hard exercise. At first Kees told me that the situation I chose for the pond was impossible. We compromised and pegs and ropes were put into position. Never having undertaken such an enterprise before, my imagination was singularly lacking. I was certainly able to see a wonderful blue sheet of water, stretching before my eyes, seemingly suspended in the air. But not once did I visualise the other ugly ponds that were dug to get the clay for the walls of the dam. Nor, in my wildest dreams, had I pictured the steep banks that were...

Chapter One – Two Wrinkly Gardeners Build Paradise in Tasmania

A series of posts made by Gay Klok around 2007 that chronicles the making of Kibbenjelok. In this chapter Gay describes their state wide search for the perfect place to build their garden eden and seeing what was then “Forest Home” for the first time.