“We will build a water garden. Such a beautiful garden and leave some of our body and soul in Nirvana on Earth”

Gay Klok (1937 – 2016)

Gay and Kees Klok had a vision to create a beautiful cool climate garden in southern Tasmania, and set about transforming a declining apple orchard to a horticultural paradise. Gay has written extensively about the evolution of what was then known as “Forest Home”, which was purchased by the Kloks in the mid 1980s.  Her writings are scattered over the web like hidden treasures waiting to be revealed.  I (and my mother and brother) have spent long hours picking our way through broken links, missing pages and 404 errors to try and find as much as we can on the history of Kibbenjelok.  Here we have collated the story of the making of Kibbenjelok, as told by Gay Klok.

What's in a name?
The name "Kibbenjelok" (kuh-BEN-juh-lock) is a made up word, from the combination of  Klok and Gay's maiden name, Benjamin.